What makes Holistic Healer products so different and special?

Holistic Healer maintains an uncompromising dedication to creating truly healthy natural products. We only use the highest quality and natural ingredients: therapeutic grade essential oils, organic and wild crafted herbs, extracts and skin nourishing botanicals.

We NEVER Use: synthetic colors, synthetic fragrances or chemically based preservatives.

Holistic Healer and Wellness maintains an uncompromising dedication to creating truly healthy natural products. Order online, call us, or email us today to take the next step to full health! Be aware and take care!

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What Our Customers Are Saying

  • Pat H

    Pat H


    Thanks for getting my Purify Essential oil to me so quickly. I swear it is why I am not coughing this winter. I have coughed for 60 years each winter and now I dont and sleeping has been so much better because of it. Thank You

  • Cathy



    Love the products I have used, like the Nature's Smile toothpaste.....omg it's fabulous. it's fabulous!

    also the deodorant is the tops......lasts forever.........

    and the essential oils, peppermint keeps you balanced........ 

  • Pam



    Eczema- I’ve had itching and irritated skin for years, of course like many other people I went to my doctor and asked him what should I use? Well the response is always the same, try cortisone so I did and nothing happened. So one day I was talking to stacey and she suggested the Skin Soothie Lotion. Wow! In just one month time I got rid of what has taken me years to get relief from.  Thank you so much.

  • From Florida

    From Florida

    no more cold sores

    I had used just about everything on the market for cold sores. I was at a show and spotted the Heal lip balm for cold sores and figured what the heck, let me try it. The last time I had a cold sore start I kept putting the Heal lip balm on and by the end of the day it was gone. I also have used the Heal for cuts and burns it works great. Thanks, Florida

  • Matt



    Your shampoo for thinning/hair loss has really worked for me, it has taken about 3 months to notice a difference but now I have and even my natural hair color has started to grow back.

  • Terri


    Virginia - loves the natural pit stop deoderant

    This is an amazing deodorant. I’ve used so many natural deodorants and none seemed to work they started off fine but by the end of the day it was not so good. I was at a show and Holistic Healer was there, I told them my story and they had me try their Pit Stop deodorant, I’ve been using it for four months now and I love it. Also love the Stop Bugging Me! Bug spray I use it on the whole family and we have been bite free. There SPF lotions are wonderful too. Thank you so much!

  • From Tennessee

    From Tennessee

    I was up visiting from Tennessee and I was talking to a friend, we started talking about how my wife scratches her skin all the time and get hive also. He told me that he had something for my wife to try, he gave me an oil called infection blend. It has worked miracles on my wife’s skin. In just a few days everything started to heal and look better. Thank you for such a wonderful product.

  • Matt with happy feet

    Matt with happy feet

    no more athlete's foot

    Athlete’s foot- I had developed athlete foot and had been buying several over the counter products for about four months, they didn’t work at all. I went to Holistic Healer for help. I had questions they had answers. I purchased there Funky Foot Creme. I noticed a drastic improvement on the condition of my foot in just one day, by the fourth day my foot was healed. The product worked so well that I used it on my dry elbows and knees, I don’t have that problem anymore neither. 

  • Wendy


    Thank You Holistic Healer for making a product for Rosacea skin conditions! I have had Rosacea for about 6 years now and tried everything to help, but nothing worked so when I was about to give up I was talking to a friend who had been using a product for the same condition and she told me about the Sensitive/Rosacea line, I figured what the heck and would you believe my skin started looking better in 1 week. I highly recommended their product line to anyone.

  • Penny



    One of the consequences of having a minor stroke (TIA) almost 2 years ago was losing my sense of smell & taste. With the use of essential oils from holistic healer have returned both senses and are getting more strong as time goes on.

    The essential oils have help reduce the amount of fungus/virus that was risiding in some of my organs.

    The facial toner, cleanser, and conditioner for my hair feel more natural than any I have ever used. They also help protect against the sun. Having spent 25 days in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, Nov 27 2007. I can attest to there efficacy. One day I forgot to use one of the items, when I was on vacation, my nose got very sunburned. I put Serum of Youth on my nose, my nose was not red the next day, nor did it peel or blister. Hurray!

  • Beverly


    I just love your foot care products. From Connecticut

    My feet have been so bad for years. I had cracked heals and skin that would peel of in layers. Guess what I don’t have those have those problems anymore. I just started using your body care line to so far I love how my skin feels and looks. Beverly, Connecticut

  • Sherri



    I had the horrible condition of eczema and my friend who actually makes the Skin Soothie Lotion had me try it out and it cleared up, but I still had 2 little spots left so I used the infection essential oil blend and now I am eczema free. It took about 3 months to clear up, since I have had it for 14 years. I also use the revitil-eyes eye drops and I wear contacts, it cleared up my vision and the contacts so I could actually read the label on the bottle. I love your products! 

  • Sandy



    I moved from Michigan to Florida 3 years ago and ever since then I have had a hard time breathing, I ordered your purify essential blend and I can breath with no problem. I also use it in my home to take out odors and mold smells.

  • Connie


    Your Hormone Havoc has balanced me and my daughter right out. It works great for PMS to hot flashes! I would have never thought a lotion could do all that. I’m ordering your Hormone Havoc tea next time to go with the lotion.