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What makes Holistic Healer products so different and special?

Holistic Healer maintains an uncompromising dedication to creating truly healthy natural products. We only use the highest quality and natural ingredients: therapeutic grade essential oils, organic and wild crafted herbs, extracts and skin nourishing botanicals.

We NEVER Use: synthetic colors, synthetic fragrances or chemically based preservatives.

Holistic Healer was developed as an alternative for natural body care, personal care, skin care, and all over health.

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About Holistic Healer & Wellness

Holistic Healer & Wellness products incorporate a holistic approach that supports the body’s natural, inherent wisdom and abilities to balance itself through proper nutrition, cleansing your body through the use of herbal remedies, nutritional supplements, therapeutic grade essential oils, botanical based body care, skin care, and personal care products with ingredients that are only found from mother natures own pharmacopoeia.

Be Aware and Take Care.

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